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This convention has been in existence for over thirty years bringing people together to praise and honor our Almighty God. Started in September of 1982 at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center in Santa Cruz, California we have been reaching out to others that they may experience the peace and wonder of being a child of God. It’s about sharing and learning from others, giving encouragement and praying for those who need intercession and comfort. Worship-Fellowship-Discipleship-Ministry-Mission: key words representing the totality of experiences that men and women, young and old, who attend the convention come away with.

The program to carry out the above objectives is spread over a four to five day event. With a good mix of activities to satisfy both the heart and the mind, there are enriching times of worship, challenging messages from God’s ministries of the Gospel and social activities that are fun, relaxing, and meaningful for all ages.

Run by an all-volunteer group of Christians, whose sole desire is to serve God and His children. Each convention is led by a local leadership team with the support and guidance of the FACC Board of Directors.

The founders of the FACC were the same organizing body of the California Christian Mission to the Philippines (CCMP) several years before the FACC was formed. They envisioned a regular gathering where Christians and their friends would get together to revitalize in enduring fellowship among a greater number of the Christian brethren and to strengthen their faith through inspiring services and workshops. The FACC started out as the “Filipino-American Christian Convention” but changed in 1993 to the “Filipino and American Christian Convention” to widen the scope of participation and outreach.

The CCMP played a vital role during the formative years of the FACC – acting as one of the sponsoring organizations. It was determined that a separate FACC board of directors would be formed to spread the work of managing a large gathering and to enable long-range planning and execution. With the faithfulness of the FACC supporters, who respond not only in attendance, but also in generous giving, the convention has proclaimed Jesus as Lord, strengthening Christian ties. The FACC is attended by Filipino and American Christians from many corners of the globe, including Guam, Hawaii, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Canada and the Continental United States.